David Quinn-Jacobs

Saturday, May 16, Second Webinar: Disarm and Divest During Covid-19

May 11, 2020

  Disarm & Divest During COVID19 Second KBP 7 Webinar Before Sentencing SATURDAY, MAY 16 To watch recording:   On YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTAiG3fMMts On    Facebook May 16 Webinar On Facebook we recommend that you skip the first 29 minutes which are prep and set up discussions. Then there is approximately one hour and ten minutes of presentation.…

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Media Coverage

November 16, 2019

Print Media Coverage of the KBP7 Action and Trial The New Yorker Paul Elie, “The Pope and Catholic Radicals Come Together Against Nuclear Weapons” https://www.newyorker.com/news/daily-comment/the-pope-and-catholic-radicals-come-together-against-nuclear-weapons The Nation Sam Husseini,“Religious Beliefs are Struck Down”: https://www.thenation.com/article/kings-bay-plowshares-trial/ Sam Husseini, “Catholic Activists Stand Trial”: https://www.thenation.com/article/antinuclear-activists-trial-georgia/ Frida Berrigan, “25 Years for Protecting the Planet”: https://www.thenation.com/article/nuclear-activism-kings-bay-plowshares/ The Intercept Jeremy Scahill, “Omnicidal Tendencies…

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Send Op-Eds to Local Papers – Four Templates Available

November 3, 2019

These templates are for modifying, personalizing, or submitting as is. Please add your organization or group, if it applies, date it and sign your name & town. Thanks for spreading the word on plowshares and abolishing nuclear weapons! Template 1:  US Nuclear Weapons, War, and the Climate Crisis;                Template…

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Report on Day 3 of Kings Bay Plowshares 7 Trial by Ralph Hutchison

November 2, 2019

Oct. 23, 2019   Day three of the Kings Bay Plowshares 7 trial in federal court in Brunswick, Georgia, began with an objection raised by Stephanie Amiotte for the defense, which had been presented with a new piece of evidence minutes before the prosecution intended to put its witness on the stand. The judge disallowed the…

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From KZFR FM: Interview with Dave Waddell, Jackson Moore, Diane Suzuki, Mary Ann Grady Flores

October 28, 2019

Radio interview by Chris Nelson. Go to 65 minutes in to listen. Mary Ann Grady Flores was reached at the end of the Kings Bay Plowshares 7 trial in Georgia. All defendants were found guilty for non violent direct action at the Kings Bay Trident Missile base. They have focused attention on the deadly nuclear…

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Ithaca Voice: Letters from the Courtroom: Kings Bay Plowshares 7 Trial Unfolds

October 23, 2019

BRUNSWICK, G.A. — Many readers know that a historic trial is underway in Brunswick, Georgia. Seven citizens, including one from Ithaca, are going up against the U.S. government’s nuclear policies here in Federal Court. They are on trial for entering the Kings Bay Naval Base, home to six Trident submarines carrying enough nuclear weapons to…

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Kings Bay Plowshares Defendents Speak on Eve of Trial

October 22, 2019
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Jury Seated, Opening Statements at Plowshares Trial

October 22, 2019

BRUNSWICK, GA – We’re underway. A jury some feel hopeful about and opening defense statements illustrating the humanity of the seven Kings Bay Plowshares activists completed the first day of the Plowshares trial. At the end of the day reactions were mixed among supporters who traveled far to this southern Georgia resort town for the…

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Statement from Fr. Steve Kelly, SJ for Brunswick Festival of Hope, Oct. 20,2019

October 21, 2019

In her distillation of years of sobriety Annie Lamott writes in Traveling Mercies “Courage is fear that has said it’s prayers”. Claiming inspiration from Isaiah 2: 4 and Martin Luther King Jr., seven ordinary people overcame their fears of risking their liberty and loss of good name to embody conversion – from materialism, militarism and…

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Press Release: Facing Decades in Prison, Activists of Conscience Confront “Culture of Death

October 19, 2019

Facing Decades in Prison, Activists of Conscience Confront “Culture of Death” — Interviews Available America, the magazine of the Jesuits in the United States, just published the piece: “The Plowshares Activists are on Trial for Anti-Nuclear Protest. Theologians say the Gospel’s on Their Side.” In a joint statement, the Plowshares activists, who take their name…

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