Statement from Fr. Steve Kelly, SJ for Brunswick Festival of Hope, Oct. 20,2019

In her distillation of years of sobriety Annie Lamott writes in Traveling Mercies “Courage is fear that has said it’s prayers”. Claiming inspiration from Isaiah 2: 4 and Martin Luther King Jr., seven ordinary people overcame their fears of risking their liberty and loss of good name to embody conversion – from materialism, militarism and racism of nuclear weapons to a nuclear free world.
Eighteen months after touching these idols, and mounting inconveniences, we find ourselves accused of crimes and going to trial. Thanks to your support and presence here and a generous legal team, we still have heart for this witness.
We engage the judiciary in the courtroom, one of the more dangerous rooms in the Pentagon. The judiciary at the District, Appellate Circuit and Supreme level have precluded truth telling in the courtroom so that in the words of Daniel Berrigan, a nuclear holocaust will be legal.
We thank you for enabling this forum as you are the hope you have arrived to find.