Letters to Judge Wood – No prison in time of Covid-19

Although the defendants did not want letters sent to Judge Wood asking for leniency, many supporters have wanted to write asking that they not be sent to prison in a time of Covid-19. There is still time to write directly to the judge. If you know individuals personally you can attest to their good character and actions and history.

While sentencing took place for Liz on  June 8 by remote video conferencing, most of the defendants preferred a delay until they can appear in open court in person with family and supporters present. They now have dates of October 15 & 16. It is not sure if this will be in person in open court which is a defendant’s right or by video conferencing which is being substituted in this time of pandemic. There may be further adjournments.

The six remaining defendants are facing two year or longer terms in prison according to the federal guidelines. Some have already served a good part of this pretrial. Steve Kelly has now served 29 months in county jails so has met his guidelines. He still faces a probation violation from a previous plowshares action in Washington State.  He would prefer any letters not ask for a light sentence but only attest to his character.

Since Judge Wood ruled against defense motions in mitigation in Liz’s sentencing and is likely to do the same for all the defendants they would not be eligible for home confinement but might get delays in reporting to prison while the virus is a threat.

Updates will be posted on the website when available.

Letters can be sent to:

Honorable Lisa Godbey Wood
U.S. District Court
Southern District of Georgia
801 Gloucester Street
Brunswick, GA 31520

Possible writing points:

*I am writing to implore you to sentence all the Kings Bay Seven nuclear weapons protesters to time served. (Including pretrial jailing or home confinement and curfew – totaling more than two years for all defendants)

*Such a decision would recognize not only that the government has already exacted a penalty with various levels of confinement over the last two years, but that imprisonment of the defendants in the time of Covid-19    is  a penalty that far exceeds the normal weight of imprisonment in terms of its impact on the emotional and physical health of the defendants.

*Indeed, imprisonment during this pandemic endangers the lives of the defendants, none of whom present a danger to the general public and all of whom have devoted their lives to serving others.

*Should you believe you must impose further punishment on the defendants, I ask that you consider home confinement.

*Thank you for considering my request.


Here is a copy of a letter sent from scores of European supporters including 14 members of the Scottish parliament.Letter to Judge Wood