Zoom Stations of the Cross 2020 Script and Fr. Steve Kelly’s Reflections for a Rosary for Disarmament

This is the script used in a virtual Stations of the Cross which was to have been done in Norfolk, VA during Holy Week, 2020 but was done online in the time of corona virus.  Several of the KBP7 defendants participated.

Station I: Jesus is Condemned (General Dynamics)

READER # 1: It is Passover in Jerusalem. Jews from everywhere come to remember and celebrate God’s liberation of their ancestors from slavery in Egypt. But where is God to deliver the people from the Roman occupation? Roman Governor Pontius Pilate is in Jerusalem for the occasion. On a warhorse he led hundreds of heavily armed troops into the city to keep law and order during festival time. From the opposite direction Jesus of Nazareth had entered Jerusalem riding a donkey, to the delight of impoverished, palm waving people—the antithesis of Roman militarism.

Now Jesus stands before Pilate. He is in custody for shutting down commerce in the Roman-controlled Jerusalem temple, for prophetically enacting God’s liberation of his still exploited and enslaved people and the downfall of Rome and its collaborators. Jesus, unarmed herald of God’s nonviolent kingdom of the poor and vulnerable, faces Pilate and all the might of the Roman Empire—its armies, ships, wealth, slavery, and terror. The question of sovereignty hangs heavy in the space between them. Who is sovereign? The world conquering, deified Roman Emperor, or the silent God who agonizes with the people under the Roman yoke?

Pilate sentences Jesus to death by crucifixion.

Crucifixion is Rome’s answer to dissidents, subversives, and rebellious slaves. Jesus is condemned for sedition, as an enemy of the state, a traitor to Rome and its divine Cesar who claims to be Son of God, healer, Prince of Peace, and Savior of the World. Jesus has defied both the state and the religious establishment in which he lived, for the sake of his suffering and humiliated people. Now he will share their fate.


READER # 2: The United States maintains what it calls a nuclear triad—three ways of waging nuclear war—an arsenal made up of 14 Trident ballistic missile submarines, 400 Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missiles in underground silos, and 66 strategic bombers which can deliver nuclear armed cruise missiles or gravity bombs.

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