Update on Sentencing Dates, Sept. 3 & 4

The sentencing dates for the six remaining defendants have now been pushed back until the beginning of September. Liz McAlister was sentenced by video conferencing with the court on June 8. She was sentenced to time served, 3 years of supervised probation and a portion of the $33,000 restitution. (See recent news)

On September 3, Carmen Trotta is scheduled for 9 am, Steve Kelly 1 pm, and Clare Grady at 4 pm. On September 4, Mark Colville 9 am, Patrick O’Neill 1 pm and Martha Hennessy at 4 pm.These dates may yet again be pushed back depending on the course of the virus. The defendants prefer to be be sentenced in person in open court with family and supporters present as is their right. It is not sure when it will be safe for all parties to be present.

When more definite information is available it will posted.