Kings Bay Plowshares 7 – Short-term paid organizer position needed

POSTING DATE: Thursday, October 11, 2018

Please email your resume and a short paragraph about why you are applying for this job and what unique skills you bring to this job to You may also email this address with any questions you may have.


Trident submarine and ballistic missile systems maintained by this country are a threat to all creation. The ongoing building and maintenance of Trident constitute war crimes that can and should be investigated and prosecuted by judicial authorities at all levels. As citizens, we are required by International Law to denounce and resist known crimes. Nuclear weapons eviscerate the rule of law, enforce white supremacy, perpetuate endless war and environmental destruction and ensure impunity for all manner of crimes against humanity. Dr. King said, “The ultimate logic of racism is genocide.” We say, “The ultimate logic of Trident is omnicide.” A just and peaceful world is possible when we join prayers with action. Swords into Plowshares!”


Seven Catholic plowshares activists entered Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base in St. Mary’s, Georgia on April 4th, 2018. They went to make real the prophet Isaiah’s command to “beat swords into plowshares”. (see more at

Job Overview

The Kings Bay Plowshares 7 defendants and support team seek to hire a passionate and dedicated Georgia paid organizer. We expect the KBP7 Field Organizer to be working in South Georgia and interact with a diverse range of people, build a strong volunteer base and plan and organize various solidarity events representing the KBP7 and their action goals. We are looking for someone interested in and skilled at building with and learning from frontline communities, as well as, honoring longtime activists already engaged in grassroots organizing for the KBP7 on the ground in the Brunswick, Georgia area.

The position extends to the KBP7 trial. The trial date is currently unknown but we are anticipating that it will happen within 6 months or less from now. The paid organizer will begin at 10/hours week. This will likely increase closer to a trial date. The hourly rate is $20. Supervision will be provided by a 3 person committee with one primary point person.

The paid organizer will also join a weekly KBP7 support team conference call meeting and present a weekly action report.

We will not provide housing, however, we will work closely with the paid organizer to find suitable and inexpensive housing for their length of employment.

Job skills

 Effective communication skills

 Computer literacy hopefully including database management, listserv management, and social media literacy.

 Grassroots networking experience

 Comfortable with public speaking

 Media savvy

Job Specifics

 Work closely with the KBP7 support team and media coordinator to further the KBP7 action goals including continued witness to the threat of Trident.

 Coordinate current GA volunteers, delegating outreach and logistical tasks to volunteers as much as possible

 Recruit new GA volunteers

 Plan and execute outreach events, such as…

 Vigils at KB and at hearings and trial

 Potlucks for Peace with discussion regarding Trident

 A pre-trial Festival of Hope