Podcast Interview: What Anti-Nuclear Activist Fr. Steve Kelly, SJ, Sacrifices For His Faith, ADMG, A Jesuit podcast, July 22, 2021

What are you willing to risk for what you believe?

Fr. Steve Kelly, SJ, is a peace activist and a member of the Plowshares movement, a largely Catholic movement of pacifists that protests nuclear weapons by damaging weapons and military property. He has spent at least a decade of his life behind bars for his witness, and was just released recently for what was called the Kings Bay Plowshares action.

Listen on Soundcloud:https://soundcloud.com/jesuitconference/what-anti-nuclear-activist-fr-steve-kelly-sj-sacrifices-for-his-faith?s=04&fbclid=IwAR1kHgwThyESyc1Y-4OAHojJ0hSm5ozuEad41I2J88za9awJZFcfZptHBes