Clare Grady Update, May 30, 2021

Trinity Sunday, May 30, 2021
Dear Friends,
Apologies for the long delay in responding to your letters.
I have been a bit overwhelmed by mail but also by the categorization of mail – a quick answer, a thoughtful read before answering, a thoughtful read of an article, a newsletter, a book. Reading a book before I pass it on because I have a 5 book limit and 25 letter limit – it is a constant roll. Add that to my slow reading and writing ways. Add that to a bit of ADHD. Add to that – NO SOLITUDE. Add to that NO solid chunks of uninterrupted time. It seems to me I am always in transition. Ok, today is Sunday, my day off. No work, several counts, several meals, several phone calls, a few neighborly encounters but…hours on my upper bunk surrounded by mail, taking one piece at a time.
Sorry to have no update except I think I am in a rhythm here. While I am looking forward to my release date in September (my quarantine date of July 7th is coming swiftly) I will be sad to leave many friends behind. But grateful for the recent legislation that will release many more of us soon! Two words that come to me when I think of many of my friends here are BRILLIANT and RESILIANT. I have been honored to spend time with them and grateful for all who have sent mail with prayers, encouragement, newsletters, BOOKS, thoughtfulness and generosity. So good to share all of it.
Peace and Blessings, Clare

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