Patrick O’Neill, Statement on Israel-Palestine, May 13, 2021

The United States’ self-described “ironclad” support for the Israeli slaughter going on in Gaza this week is just part of an ongoing joint effort by two nuclear superpowers to inflict untold human suffering on the Palestinian people. When I interviewed Noble Peace Prize recipient Elie Wiesel years ago his message was simply that the Jewish people must remain “vigilant” to prevent another Holocaust. When I asked Wiesel if he had forgiven the Germans for the Holocaust, he bristled and said: “No (German) has asked for my forgiveness, and by who’s authority would I forgive them?” Now, sadly, that same question will have to be proposed to the Palestinians someday as they face Apartheid-like consequences from Israeli aggression. To say, “Israel has the right to defend itself,” while they are the ones inflicting horrific suffering on others is unconscionable and indefensible. I urge my government to stop supplying the machinery of death to the aggressive nation of Israel.

We encourage the American people to put pressure on the US government to stop sending $3.8 billion a year to Israel, the largest recipient of American military aid, and we can apply pressure through boycott, divestment, and sanctions on Israel until they end the occupation of Palestine and comply with international human rights law.

Patrick O’Neill, May 13, 2021

FCI Elkon

Lisbon, OH