May 2 Update: Carmen and Martha to Receive Early Release, Details on Viewing DePaul Award, May 4 & 5

Carmen Trotta and Martha Hennessy To Get Early Release,

DePaul Award May 4 & 5 Viewing Details

Martha Hennessy and Carmen Trotta have been told that they will be getting early release to home confinement in two weeks. Martha in Danbury FCI had requested home confinement through the CARES Act which provides for early release for older inmates after serving half of their sentence in order to reduce prison populations to avoid Covid risks. However, she had to clear an old pending case from an anti-drone demonstration in Syracuse to qualify. This was finally done after much back and forth between attorney and judge. She is expecting to be released on May 17 or 18 and go back to her home in Vermont where she is eager to start spring planting.

Carmen was told that he also was going to be unexpectedly released on May 18 after five months in Otisville FCI and two months detention pre-trial. He has not reached sixty years old to be considered an older inmate. He will return to St. Joseph House Catholic Worker in New York City to serve the remainder of his 14 month sentence. He and Martha also now face three years of supervised probation.

Patrick O’Neill and Clare Grady continue to be incarcerated with no word if they will be eligible for early release. Mark Colville is due to report to the Brooklyn, NY Federal prison on June 8. Fr. Steve Kelly went on an Ignatian retreat after his release on April 13. Liz McAlister continues to live in New London, CT with her daughters and their families.

Berrigan-McAlister Award from DePaul University, May 4 & 5

The Kings By Plowshares are receiving the first Berrigan-McAlister award for Gospel nonviolence from DePaul University this Tuesday and Wednesday. Dan Berrigan’s 100th birthday which would be on May 9 will also be commemorated. All are invited to the free on-line presentations on Zoom but you must register in advance at:

Tuesday, May 4, at 6:30pm Central Time, ( 7:30 pm ET) there will be the showing of a new documentary Devout and Dangerous with discussion following by the director, Susan Hagedorn, and members of the Berrigan-McAlister family.

Wednesday, May 5 at 6:30 CT the award will be presented with moderated remarks from the KBP7. Statements will be read from those presently incarcerated and virtual comments from the others.

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