Link for Recording of April 5 Festival of Hope

Link for Recording of the Third Anniversary Festival of Hope on Monday, April 5

The recording can be viewed on Youtube at:

We invite you to celebrate the third anniversary of the King Bay Plowshares disarmament action with a Zoom Festival of Hope on Monday evening. It will be in the form of a webinar on the Codepink zoom platform and also livestreamed on the KBP Facebook and Codepink’s YouTube channel.

For the KBP Facebook use:

For the Codepink Youtube go to:

Festival of Hope Program

The theme of the Festival will be “What gives us hope” three years after the courageous, prophetic action of the seven activists for which they have or are now paying a high price with prison terms. Stephen Kobasa will be the moderator. Reflections will be offered by supporters Kathy Kelly, Jessica Stewart, Robert Randall, Luz Catarineau Colville and Matt Daloisio. There will also be reports from Teresa Grady on the Beyond Trident campaign in Georgia, Ken Jones from Reject Raytheon in North Carolina, Jackie Allen on Resist Trident in Connecticut and Leonard Eiger from Ground Zero in Washington State. Music will be provided by Bud Courtney and Anthony Donovan of the NYC Filthy Rotten System and Bobcat Carruthers of New Haven. Mark Colville will speak and receive a blessing before sentencing from Liz McAlister.
Mark’s Sentencing

Fr. Steve Kelly Update

On March 31, the day after he arrived at the SeaTac prison after a 3 1/2 month transit, Steve was called to a virtual preliminary hearing on the probation violation. He doesn’t want to do virtual appearances so he waived his personal appearance and was represented by his attorney, Blake Kremer. The next hearing was scheduled for April 13 when Steve will have served the maximum six months for the prior trespass conviction at Kitsap in addition to his 33 months for the plowshares action at Kings Bay. The probation department was arguing he should be sent to a halfway house because of the conditions of a three year supervised probation with the Georgia sentence but backed down after legal arguments. So there is some optimism he will be released after the April 13 hearing, but no certainty. You can write to Steve. His address and those of the other KBP7 in prison can be found at:

There are also many reports and reflections from prison, particularly from Martha and Patrick, on the website under “Letters from Prison.”

May 4 & 5 Berrigan-McAlister Award at DePaul

DePaul University is presenting the inaugural award for exemplifying Christian nonviolence to the Kings Bay Plowshares 7. At 6:30 pm CT on Tuesday, May 4 there will be the showing of a new film The Berrigans: Devout and Dangerous followed by a discussion with the director, Susan Hagedorn and some members of the Berrigan family. There is a trailer for the film at:

On May 5 there will be the presentation of the award with a talk and discussion with some member of the KBP7 or their supporters (TBD by who is available and not in prison). You have to register for the events at:

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