April 5 Zoom Festival of Hope for Third Anniversary and Mark’s Sentencing April 9

The third anniversary of the Kings Bay Plowshares 7 action is approaching on April 4 which is Easter this year. Mark Colville has also decided to go forward with virtual sentencing on April 9 after numerous delays because of virus concerns. We are planning a Zoom Festival of Hope for Monday, April 5 at 7 PM eastern time to observe both these events.

There will be reflections on what gives hope from several members of the the support community including Kathy Kelly, Beth Brockman, Jessica Stewart, Robert Randall, Luz Catarineau Colville and Matt Daloisio.

Reports will be included from groups who have been inspired by the plowshares action including Beyond Trident in Georgia, Reject Raytheon in North Carolina and No New Tridents in Connecticut.

Music will be presented by the Filthy Rotten System and Bobcat Caruthers.

Mark will speak for a few minutes and then receive a blessing from Liz McAlister before his sentencing.

This will be in a webinar format via Code Pink where only the speakers will appear on the screen. We do not have the Zoom link yet so you will have to await a further email from us or check the website closer to the date.

It will also be livestreamed on the KBP Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Kingsbayplowshares

and on the KBP YouTube channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkSCM4dxIJxAolsl2oMP72Q

April 9 Sentencing

We expect that there will be a call-in number to listen to Mark’s sentencing on April 9 as was done in the past but don’t have the number yet. Check the website for details.

Prison News

We have just received word that Fr. Steve Kelly has finally been brought to the prison in Seattle-Tacoma (SeaTac) by the federal marshals after a three and a half month journey from Georgia. He has to appear for a probation violation for an old trespass conviction. Now you can write to him at:
Stephen Kelly #00816-111
FDC SeaTac
Federal Detention Center
P.O. Box 13900
Seattle, WA 98198

Please use plain white paper and write with black or blue pen only. Also write your full name and return address on a plain white envelope along with his address as it appears below. Do not affix any stickers, glue, glitter, etc. to the letter or envelope (don’t use a return address sticker).

Addresses for the others are on the website under prison addresses.

There are many reports from the other four imprisoned activists on the website at the Letters from Prison tab. They are all doing reasonably well.

Save the Dates – Berrigan McAlister Award – May 4 & 5

DePaul University in Chicago is presenting the inaugural Berrigan McAlister award to recognize Gospel nonviolence to the Kings Bay Plowshares 7. The first night will feature a new documentary on the Berrigans and the second will have an award ceremony and discussion. It will also commemorate Dan Berrigan’s hundreth birthday on May 9. More details will be forthcoming or you can register and get further information at: http://berriganMcAlister.eventbrite.com

Online Course by Kathy Kelly
Beginning April 3 and for the following eight weeks, an online course called “Lay Down My Sword and Shield,” will focus on abolishing wars and weapons. Kathy Kelly will facilitate as participants learn about Plowshares actions, the KBP7, and the consequences of wars in Yemen, Afghanistan and Iraq. Four young Afghans will help Kathy present material. To join this or other courses offered by the School for Social and Cultural Change visit SSCC.teachable.com

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