New Zoom link for Oct 11 Festival of Hope, Two to be Sentenced Oct 15 & 16, Four Others Continued Until Nov 12 & 13

Father Steve Kelly and Patrick O’Neill are scheduled to be sentenced in Brunswick, GA on October 15 & 16 at one in the afternoon. It is hoped that the two will be combined on October 15 but that now appears unlikely.  The remaining four defendants, Carmen Trotta, Martha Hennessy, Mark Colville, and Clare Grady, were granted continuances yesterday by Judge Wood to Nov. 12 & 13 because of COVID-19.

The defendants ask, “In the interest of public safety, and out of love for our supporters during this Covid 19 pandemic, the seven Kings Bay Plowshares members request that no one come to Brunswick for the sentencing hearings scheduled for Oct. 15-16. We do, however, encourage you all to join the Oct. 11 pre-sentencing Zoom meeting. Thank you all for your love and support, which sustains us.”


There is expected to be an audio link from the court to listen to the proceedings as was done with Liz McAlister in June. The call-in number and times will be posted on the website when we get them.

A virtual Festival of Hope is planned for Sunday, October 11, at 5pm EDT prior to the sentencing of Fr. Steve Kelly and Patrick O’Neill. It will now be hosted on the Code Pink Zoom channel. It will also be on the Code Pink YouTube channel and on the KBP Facebook page. Patrick and several of the defendants will appear. Fr. Steve Kelly will send a message from jail. Marcia Timmel, Susan Crane and Steve Baggarly, plowshares activists, will speak. There will also be a slideshow and music and a blessing.

The new Zoom link:

The registration will be (It won’t be active until later today (Friday). It is not necessary to pre-register but everyone who signs up in advance through that link will get a reminder text and email on Sunday.
It can also be watched on CODEPINK’s YouTube channel


For those in the Brunswick area more information on local activities around the sentencing can be obtained through Sarah Cool:  404.449.7893

Fr. Steve Kelly has now served 30 months in county jails and so has satisfied the sentencing guidelines the government is proposing for him. However, he has a probation violation where he is facing up to six months stemming from a prior trespass conviction at Kitsap, WA at the West coast Trident base. It is not yet known what will happen with this.

Sad to miss the Brunswick Court sentencing? Here are 25 action suggestions that you CAN do with your community in support of the KBP7 to make our world nuclear weapons free!