Sentencing Recommendations Received, No Date Yet

According to federal procedure a pre-sentencing report has to be prepared by the probation office for each defendant who has been convicted. Following complex guidelines based on a person’s arrest history, age, likelihood of re-offending and the nature of the offense among other factors, a range of prison time is proposed.  A judge usually sentences within these ranges. No sentencing date has yet been set.

All seven defendants have received pre-sentencing reports with recommendations as follows:

Clare Grady      21-27 months

Liz  McAlister         15-21 months

Carmen Trotta 21-27 months

Mark Colville      21-27 months

Patrick O’Neill   21-27 months

Martha Hennessy   18-24 months

Fr. Steve  Kelly    28-48 months (including previous probation violation on west coast)