Mark Colville’s Statement on Returning Home, October 7

Hello friends!
It is so good to be home. Deep thanks to all of you who have been wishing and praying and hoping me here all this time, and for the great outpouring of affection that has accompanied me back to New Haven.
      The court’s granting our motion for release without ankle monitor or bail was a pleasant surprise. I suspect it’s part of a new government strategy, designed to confuse and disorient me by doing the right thing!  Actually, this sudden transition from maximum security to freedom does have my head spinning; the physical adjustment, too, has been a bit tougher than expected.  After 15 months of managing relationships by way of surveilled phone calls and postcards, the internet and Facebook feel daunting indeed.  And  my body seems to hardly know when to sleep or wake up anymore!
    With the trial less than three weeks away, reuniting  with family and neighborhood  (and, yes, my dog!) will remain the imperatives of the next several days. But please know that none of your gestures of friendship, support and solidarity have gone unnoticed. I’m blessed and grateful, and will soon be ready to rumble.
In peace and hope  – Mark
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