Kings Bay Plowshares in court for arraignment, bond hearing

May 22, 2018

The Nuclear Resister

Kings Bay Plowshares in court for arraignment, bond hearing

By Patrick O’Neill

“At a May 17 bond hearing in United States District Court in Brunswick, Georgia, U.S. Attorney Karl Knoche told U.S. Magistrate Stan Baker that the government recommended that the seven Kings Bay Plowshares activists be held without bond pending their federal trial for conspiracy, destruction of property on a Naval Station, depredation of government property and trespass.

Calling the action “serious criminal activity” carried out by defendants with “long criminal histories” who were a threat to the safety of the community, Knoche asked Baker to withhold bond.

The seven Kings Bay Plowshares were already a bit rattled as we faced a group of southeast Georgia federal and state judiciary and police folks who likely can make no sense of the actions of seven older adults breaking into a perfectly wonderful submarine base for the purposes of smashing idols and beating swords into plowshares.

In more than a quarter century since the Kings Bay Trident naval base was proposed by President Jimmy Carter, there has been little public opposition from the St. Marys, Georgia community that has reaped enormous economic benefits from the Trident’s weapons of mass destruction…”

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