Reflection of Gratitude by Clare Grady from the Glynn County Detention Facility

Every day I wake up in jail I give thanks.

I am grateful to be alive, grateful for every day I wake; able to see, to hear, to walk, to smile, laugh, cry, sing.

I give thanks for every meal I receive, every cup of water I drink.

I have cried with gratitude with my ability to make phone calls to my children, to hear their voices.

I give thanks for the faith community that I am part of and the journey that brought us to seek disarmament at Kings Bay.

The seven of us Kings Bay Plowshares have shared a practice of reading the daily Catholic Mass Readings whenever we have gathered.

Since being in jail, it has been a lifesaver to have Bibles, though it was surprising how much effort it took and how long it took to get them. While in Camden County Jail, Liz, Martha and I shared a small cell. We knew how lucky–blessed- – we were to be together and to share daily Bible readings, reflection and prayer.

Here in Brunswick at the GCD Ctr. I have been separated from Liz and Martha, but in Pod C-1 where I live, there is no shortage of women to share Bible with.

Every day I am joined by or invited by others to join in at least 1, 2, or 3 prayer circles where we share Bible readings and inspired prayers and songs (when the spirit calls it up).

We encourage one another, learning from one another and seeking to learn more about How this WORD OF GOD, has everything to do with our well-being, our salvation and our liberation.

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