Daniel Berrigan’s Ethic of Resurrection and the Kings Bay Plowshares

April 30,2018

Pax Christi USA

Daniel Berrigan’s Ethic of Resurrection and the Kings Bay Plowshares

By Art Laffin

“The No to state uttered by the unarmed Christ is vindicated in His resurrection.  Of this, the world can never be a witness…This is our glory. From Peter and Paul to Martin Luther King, Jr. and Romero. Christians have known something which the “nations” as such can never know or teach—how to live and how to die. We are witnesses to the resurrection. We practice resurrection. We risk resurrection.”  Daniel Berrigan (Testimony: The Word Made Fresh, p. 222-223)

April 30th marks the second anniversary of the death of Daniel Berrigan, SJ,  the renowned prophetic priest, peacemaker, writer and poet. Dan was an important friend and mentor to me and countless others. His spirit lives on in the hearts of all he touched throughout his 94 years. And his writings and poems continue to instruct and challenge.

During this Holy Season of Easter, I have been pondering Dan’s words in his profound and deeply challenging essay, “An Ethic  of Resurrection,” from Testimony. How do we understand resurrection in a time of pervasive systemic racism, violence, oppression, inequality, perpetual war, rampant political instability and corporate domination, and the ever present threats of nuclear extinction and climate chaos?…”

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